UNIRE’s exhibiting companies belong to the value chain for welding and removable and non-removable multi-material joining technologies.
The sectors represented at the trade show are:
  • Manufacturers/Distributors of welding and cutting equipment and products
  • Manufacturers/Distributors of consumables, industrial gases and filling and deposition materials
  • Adhesives
  • Safety and protection equipment
  • Suppliers of industrial support services
    • Cutting, welding, transformation, forming, repair and automated solutions
    • Approval and certification
    • Inspection and testing
    • Training
    • Metrology and sensor technology
    • Advisory services
    • Surface technology and heat treatment
  • Welding and joining technology R&D
  • Engineering companies
  • Sector associations
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If your company belongs to one of these sectors
and you would like to participate in UNIRE, please contact
the Commercial Department for more information